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Jessica Cage 
Characters of Color in Fantasy! 

The Siren Series 

After being snatched from the street and drugged, Syrinada wakes to find herself strapped to a bed with a predator in the next room. In a moment where she might have shut down and accepted her fate, a defense mechanism she isn't aware she possesses surfaces. Syrinanda struggles to understand the turn that her life has taken. What are these new powers and who can she turn to for guidance?

Malachi, a long time friend, knows more about her than he's ever admitted. When he witnesses her tapping into this unknown source of power, he steps in. There is more about him that she doesn’t know, and now is the time to pull off the mask. He reveals to her that she is a Siren, but there is much more to her background, darker things, and for that reason she must stay hidden. The call of her newfound heritage is a strong one, and she finds herself incapable of denying her new urges. Now that she has brought attention to herself, they must flee, but how long can you run before your demons catch up with you?
A Letter from Syrinada....

I have no idea who will ever read this, but I hope that it is found. I hope that it helps you to understand…
I never wanted any of this. Hell, I didn’t even know that this world existed. Everyone acts like I am either some great savior for people who barely want me to exist, or that I will destroy everything I touch. To be honest, with the way things are going, it feels much like the latter is the truth. Here I was thinking that my life was an average life. I went to school, got my degree and went to work. That is what I was taught to do.  All I wanted was normality. I basically grew up a foster kid, the daughter my aunt never seemed to want. She was family, the only family I had, of course she was obligated to care for me. I could see it in her eyes damn near every day, she didn’t want me. She wanted something else, something better, something more. I was a reminder of all that she gave up, all that she could never have.

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