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Jessica Cage 
Characters of Color in Fantasy! 

The Djinn Rebellion 

In a post-apocalyptic world, the earth is divided, and magic rules all. The strongest of which, is about to be challenged.

For centuries, Jinn has watched from afar as the powers that be, fought to claim a part of the world as their own. With no stake in the game, the djinn remained a powerful but neutral party. That was until an old friend presents Jinn with an offer he can’t refuse. The love he thought he’d lost forever is still alive, and he has the map to her location. 

Mike wants his people freed from the slums and Jinn has the power to make that happen. In return for his aid, Mike will lead the quest into the darkest corner of the earth to find her. 

With a new player on the field, everyone is on edge and for good reason. Jinn will go to hell and back for the woman he loves, and he’ll destroy anyone who gets in his way. 

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The Sphinx

Nothing inspires the thirst for revenge like a broken heart.

Prepare for heartache, betrayal, rebellion, and one kickass woman hell bent on justice.

In an Epic retelling of a story long forgotten, Asa has been waiting centuries to slay the God who cursed her and took her life away. She refused to be at his beck and call. He refused her to be with anyone at all and turned her into the Sphinx! 

Sentenced to live her life devouring souls, Asa found a way to escape her curse. When the Gods fell from grace, she went into hiding. Now they're coming back and she's ready to face the one who betrayed her.

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The Siren Series 

Syrinada’s world is turned upside down with the revelation that she isn't exactly what she thought. A traumatizing event uncovers a secret hidden from her for her entire life. She is a power Siren and there are a lot of people who don’t want her to exist. The daughter of a Siren, and a Warlock, born of two fueding sides, Syrinada possesses a power that is unheard of. With both sides of her family tree aiming to cut her down, Syrinada is on the run to unlock her power and protect herself and those that she love from a deadly blow!
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The Alpha Series 

A forbidden love, a crazed Alpha wolf, and a man on the run! 

Alpha’s word is law. Malcom lived by the creed. He put his life on the line for it countless times. That was, until he met Serene. His love for the human woman was against pack law. When forced to choose between her and the pack, he chose love. Once his closest friend, the Alpha Vincent, showed him no mercy. Serene was taken away and Malcom was exiled from his home. Left to live a life on the run, Malcom lost faith in the people he once considered family.

Years later Stephanie, the Alpha’s sister, finds Malcom living a life of solitude. Her brother has gone mad and seeks vengeance against those he believes has betrayed him and Malcom's name is at the top of the list. Against her better judgement, she asks Malcom to return home and help save their people from the Alpha who threatens to bring war to their home. 

Will Malcom decide to help save the people who turned their backs on him, or will he let them suffer at the hands of a mad man?
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The High Arc Series 

If you could drink a potion to solve all your problems, would you?
Though her body had been ravished by disease, Alexa refused the help of her grandmother’s magic.
That was until the pain became too much to bear… 
With her body renewed, she has returned to the world she left behind. But all is not the same as she remembered. 
There is someone new, a guy with stormy grey eyes and she is drawn to him. Her world is changing, and her thirst is growing.
He has the answers she’s looking for, but is she ready to follow him to uncover the truth?
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